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I give an Excellent rating to their Service, because they truly listened and engaged me in a conversation about what I wanted instead of trying to upsell me on something I didn’t want.

Great shop and great owners. They installed a new head unit for me, backup camera, new amp. First the unit I bought was giving is trouble, but they fixed it and everything was great. The owners were very helpful and caring to make the job right. Even though my head unit was from a different shop. Thank you.

The head guy (David) was extremely knowledgeable and after briefly taking a look at my car and hearing my audio needs, had a plan in place to install the speakers re-route my car and place the amp under the seat. I drop off my car and after ONLY 4 hours it was complete! Hands down the best place to get your system installed in Oakland, if quality, convenience, and service is what you seek Audiomobile is the place to go!

Customer service is a core tenet of our business. We believe in doing the job right the first time to get you back into your car and on your way fast.